Friday, June 28, 2013

Moo, Neigh, and Gobble Gobble

As a child, we loved listening to my Dad make animal sounds.  They always sounded more like an animal and less like a human-produced sound.  He was that good at it.  My favorites were Moo, Neigh, and Gobble Gobble.

Luckily for Emry, I got two of them on video today.  Although, as Megan pointed out when I texted her the video, the Moo does kind of sound like the cow is either dying or giving birth. But hey, this is an Alzheimer's patient we're talking about, so the fact that he did it at all is pretty amazing.

(How cute are they?!)

My visit with Dad today was necessary since I had not been there in a couple weeks (June was insanely busy) . The staff called me yesterday to inform me that Dad had been striking out at caregivers and had scratched another resident in the face.  I never know what triggers his erratic behaviors, but I have a feeling that through the fog of Alzheimer's, on some level, he misses seeing a familiar face (namely mine) and could be feeling a bit abandoned.  Oops. 

We had a great time together and Dad was all smiles.  I talked to the staff, and they are adjusting his medicine so that it will be administered 3 times a day (in a smaller dose) instead of the previous once a day.  Good plan.

Lastly, at 16 months old, Emry is now saying Bye Bye.  Sometimes it's Bye Bye Kitty or Daddy.  But, today it was "Bye Bye Gappa." 

Makes your heart melt, doesn't it? 

So, without further ado... Here are some animal sound videos!