Sunday, November 6, 2011

72 Years Old!

I'm always sensitive around Birthdays... because I feel that every person gets that one day out of the year that is just theirs.  So, naturally, when my Dad's birthday rolled around a couple of days ago, I found myself feeling sensitive and ultimately ended up in tears.  I haven't been able to shake the feeling lately that my Dad's home just isn't as loving as his past home.  Some of this feeling was heightened by The Sassy Songbirds' (my singing duo) visit to a beautiful, loving home last weekend.  The love and care for each individual resident that emanated out of the place was so strong and apparent.  I don't feel that when I am visiting Dad's home. 

I kept thinking about Dad's birthday last year at Whittier Place with Me, Megan, and one of Dad's oldest friends, Mike.  The staff had baked him a cake, drew little fish on the frosting, and threw a small party for him.  We all had a blast that day!  I knew that Valley View Gardens had no idea it was Dad's birthday on Friday, and it was only me coming to celebrate with him.  I know he doesn't know it's his birthday, but that doesn't mean he can't be made to feel special on his day, and all I could do was feel sad about the whole thing. 

On the way to see Dad, I decided I would take him out.  Getting out of the home, and into the public felt good.  Dad enjoyed lunch at Coco's where he people watched and ate plenty of food.  When I told the hostess it was his birthday, Dad actually overheard me and replied, "It is???"  Haha, I had only told him three minutes before that, but it made me laugh anyway.  The restaurant staff also sang Happy Birthday to him and he got a free pie for dessert.  He did so great being out and around people, that it made me feel much better.  Plus, he was fully able to feed himself and his appetite was great.  We've been concerned about that lately since he just continues to lose weight.  We're thinking about starting him on some Ensure in addition to his regular meals.

My Mom reminded me that while she feels similarly about his current living situation, that it could be much worse.  And I hadn't thought of that in a while.  He does have large hallways, a garden, and continues to dance every day.

Below is a video of Dad blowing out his candle.  It took me about 2 full minutes prior to this video to get him to understand what he had to do...