Friday, February 1, 2013

This is BIG

Okay people... this is big news!  Bigger than the Inauguration, Bigger than the Super Bowl, Bigger than Awards Season.... even bigger than my 20 pound cat!

Drum roll please... 
Dad has an admission date for the West Los Angeles VA!

I called last week and left the following message at the admissions office.... "Hello, this is Kristen Hardin and I am calling regarding my Dad, Melvin Brandt.  He is on the wait list for the Memory Care Facility and I am hoping for some more specifics on when he may be admitted.  I contacted my congressman this morning and am scheduling an appointment with his office to discuss how he can facilitate this process as well.  Please let me know what information I can bring to him so that he can be the most helpful to this situation.  Thank you."

I got a call the very next day saying they were going to review his file and call me no later than next Friday (today).  Sure enough, the phone rang today and she was delighted to give the good news of an admission date for my Dad.  He is very lucky because after him, they will have admitted the first 30 residents and will be stopping the admissions process for an undetermined amount of time.

The date is February 14th, V-day.  (V for Veteran of course!)