Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Funny Voicemails

I used to cringe when the phone would ring.  I even had to change my ring tone at one point because it gave me such anxiety.  The only calls I get now are from the staff at the VA informing me of little incidents that happen involving my Dad.  It's standard protocol and it's usually nothing serious.  For example, the nurse called to tell me that a resident tried to punch my Dad but missed, then my Dad tried to punch him back whereupon he missed and accidentally hit the nurse.  Picturing these two old men trying to hit each other is actually pretty funny.  Too bad the nurse got hit though.

But here is the craziest and funniest call yet:
(this is verbatim from my voicemail except I changed the name)

"Hi Kristen, this is Kendra, I'm a nurse at the Memory Care unit where your Father is at.  Um, another resident tried to lift your Father off a toilet and they both fell... in the shower floor.  Um, right now there are no signs or symptoms of injury with your Father... um can you please give us a call back if you have any questions."

Do I have questions?  Yes, I have sooooo many questions.  How... what... why... ????

I'm just glad that Dad doesn't seem to be instigating all these incidents and that for the most part he is adapting well.