Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Isn't it just like Dad to stress me out for weeks over this move, and when we move him in, nothing happens! I'm sure Dad didn't mean to do that, but this disease is so unpredictable... so I guess I blame Alzheimer's for that stress then!

But, that's exactly how it's been. The minute we brought him to Valley View Gardens he started
making jokes and telling all the ladies how beautiful they were. He was an instant hit.

Upon arrival, the Executive Director, Jim, said, "Dave you have two beautiful ladies on each side of you." Dad, responded, "Oh, yeah. Eat your heart out." Hahaha. Jim is also a Yankees fan, so he gave Dad a little grief about his huge Dodgers poster in his room.

I didn't get any phone calls, although I did call the next day to check in on him. Apparently he was adjusting fine and had asked the activities director if she was married, and then proceeded to ask her if she could help him find a wife.

Megan and I visited him on Sunday and he was very chatty about who knows what, but in a good mood. It just seems too simple! I really can't believe it... what a surprise.

The only thing that I can think of is that he is so used this community type feel of a home, that he could be anywhere, and it all feels the same to him. Whereas when we moved him to Whittier originally, he had never encountered that type of living. This isn't to say that traumatic times could still be ahead. We are prepared. But for now, we're enjoying the quiet.

We have still have to get a few more things out of Whittier Place next week, and say our goodbyes to everyone there. When Dad said his goodbyes, I held up pretty well. All the caregivers were giving me these really sad looks in the hallway. They really do care for him, and he brings a lot of spunk and laughter to the group there. It feels good to know that he is loved.

One of the caregivers who had been there from the start stopped us in the hall, looked right at me and asked quietly, "Can I go visit him?" That's when I teared up. I gave her the address of his new place. She then had a little talk with Dad about being good, and they touched foreheads. We also took Dad to say goodbye to Tabitha. We told her he was just going on a trip, and she started fake crying really loudly, then Dad caught wind of the situation and started fake crying with her. They were leaning on each others shoulders doing this ridiculous "crying" and the whole room was erupting in laughter. One caregiver kept saying, "Where's the camera? Where's the camera?" I've said it before... those two should go on the road with their comedy act. We'll definitely miss Tabitha, and we know she will really miss Dad.

Next up: Getting him to the dentist to see about new dentures!