Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Start to the New Year

This is what my table looks like when I make phone calls to the Veteran's Association about Dad's hospital bills... every all laid out, at my finger tips... but maybe now I'll be able to put it away for good.

As you all know we've been battling Dad's hospital bills from April of last year when he ran away, subsequently got picked up in an ambulance, and received stitches on his head. The bills for this episode totaled about $8000.

After applying for ER assistance from the Veteran's Association, and re-applying when we were denied, I am happy to say that 8 months later, the huge hospital bill has been taken care of. I was so upset when I received mail from the VA the other day indicating that they only paid $435.00, but after a quick phone conversation, I have been told that any payment by the VA is considered 'full payment' and the hospital cannot bill us anymore. Huge weight off our shoulders!!!

The last bill remaining is the ambulance bill and that has been re-submitted by the lovely lady who I spoke with on the phone. They will only pay ambulance fees if the ER fees have been paid (paid!), so I hope it's only a matter of time before this last bill is settled as well.

On another note, I received a notice from the local VA reminding us to schedule a colonoscopy for Dad. UGH. There is a lot of 'preparing' for a procedure like this one, if you know what I mean, and I still have nightmares from the last time we prepped him for it two years ago! My defiant inner child is pouting, "No! I DON'T want to do it." On the other hand, I guess Dad's care-takers at Whittier will have to deal with everything, so maybe I should just schedule the appointment. Or not? I mean, he has Alzheimer's so why put him through that procedure... I don't know. Such a strange dilemma. Should we even be worried about preventative procedures? Am I awful to think this way?

Anyway, Thank You to the VA for the long, but ultimately helpful process of taking care of Dad's hospital fees. We'll try not to bother you with any more of those. :)