Friday, March 1, 2013

That's a New One

I'm sure you're all sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear how my Dad is doing!  Or maybe you've been relieved not to see an upsetting blog post.  Needless to say, here's the latest update...

I had Dad's two week assessment yesterday via phone.  During the past two weeks, I have been in contact with the home and visited Dad as well and everything appeared to be just fine.  But, it seems Dad is showing his true colors.

What I really like about this home, is that the caregivers work as a team.  On the phone yesterday was the Psychologist, the Dietician, the Caregivers, the Activity Coordinator etc.  So each person had their turn to let me know how he is adjusting.  

The main concern seem to be his incontinence.  Dad and his urination!  We didn't keep this a secret when he moved in, and warned the staff that they will need to prompt him to use the toilet every couple of hours to prevent erratic urination.  I guess they weren't really implementing that system the past two weeks.  So, when they caught him urinating twice yesterday and tried to redirect him, he responded by hitting one nurse in the chest and another nurse in the face.  (two different incidents)

Then they asked me, "Has he ever tried to pick up his feces?"  Well, that's a new one!  I was trying to picture him reaching into the toilet when they informed me that he reaches into his pants (and into his adult diaper), pulls out the feces, and drops it on the ground.  Oh.  Gross.

I was under the impression that he usually used the toilet for this type of thing, but I'm sure with the confusion of a new home and new staff, he has started going in his pants which feels very uncomfortable for him (obviously).  This is how I responded, "Well, apparently he is 'with it' enough to know that he is uncomfortable and tries to solve the problem by putting his hand down there, but he is not 'with it' enough to get to the bathroom in time."  I'm not really sure there is a solution to this problem.  Hopefully the staff will keep prompting him to use the toilet and that will help.

The other main concern is Dad's aggression and hitting.  I don't have any solution to that problem, but when I visited him today, the psychologist informed me that they were having another team meeting today but this time with the Doctors.  Dad's medicine has been helping so much, but there could always be that perfect cocktail of drugs that could help even more.  I guess we'll see.

I could tell the psychologist is a little worried about Dad's behavior, especially the hitting.  But he kept telling me not to worry and that an adjustment period is completely normal.  I just don't want Dad to get kicked out.  

Here is a picture of Dad's peekaboo Ocean View from his room: