Friday, April 13, 2012

A Helpful Hand!

Due to the abscess on his hand, his assessment at the VA, and regular check-ups, Dad has had 6 doctors appointments in the last two weeks.  My Mom (who lives an hour and a half away) and I were starting to get overwhelmed juggling Dad and my 1 month old, Emry.  So, we made a phone call for a helping hand, and we were relieved at the outcome!  My sister Megan flew down from San Francisco in a flash to help out the family!

The abscess is finally getting better after two ER visits and two follow up appointments.  Let me tell you though, that thing was nasty.  They never confirmed that it was MRSA, but we were still very cautious.  I would get text pictures from my Mom and Megan of what it looked like while it was draining... the morbid side of me couldn't help but look at the picture, but mostly I just wanted to gag.  Lucky for you, I like my readers too much to share the photos.  :)

Dad has been so sweet and patient during this whole process.  Thank goodness!