Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Valley View Gardens

Move in day is today! Wish us luck!
Pictures of Dad's new place, Valley View Gardens:
They have numerous courtyards, a huge banquet hall, and lots of windows.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Week

First off, we found a place for Dad. It's called Valley View Gardens in Garden Grove, which is even closer for me and a little closer for Megan as well. Although Alzheimer's care is so incredibly expensive, we've found that most people in the community really want to help and work hard to make that happen. The Community Relations Manager at Valley View Gardens is named Susie, and she has given us an amazing deal. She has agreed to start Dad off at the rate of $3000/month for the first three months, at which time we can negotiate again. The highest it would go up would be $3500, but we hope to keep it less than that... and we're only really talking 6 months total if he gets into this VA facility in February.

I started crying in her office (it was an emotional day) when I found out there was a one time 'community fee' of $1500 that is non-refundable (most places have this type of fee). I told her then that it was not possible for us to pay that and she called her boss and was able to waive the fee for us. So not only is she giving us $500 discount on rent for 3 months, but she also waived the community fee. I almost don't understand it because this place is very nice and she only has one bed available, so they are getting plenty of business. But she remembered my Mom and Sister from a visit in April 2010 when were originally looking for a place for Dad. She just really wanted to help us.

The only catch is that we have to move him in this week!!! Since we are already paid through July in Whittier Place, she won't be charging us for July either! So, we are probably moving him tomorrow. Furniture is already provided, so really we're just going to move his clothes, toiletries, and wall decor. We have until the end of July to get his furniture out of Whittier Place. I'm going to miss it there so much. I guess it's better not to drag it out though.

There's no website for the new home, but I'll take some pictures and will keep everyone updated throughout the week.