Thursday, September 2, 2010

You Guessed It, Another Lady Friend

Dad's doing much better this week. We realized after Dad's angry outbursts last week that it had a lot to do with his room being locked during the day.

The reason the staff at Whittier locked his room is because he has another lady friend. I am telling you, he must be coated in sugar or something, because he can't go very long without one of these ladies latching on. This lady is the crazy outgoing one that I talked about a few weeks ago... Tabitha. EVERY TIME I see her and sometimes every ten minutes, she says the EXACT same thing, "Oh, is this your daughter? She's very beautiful. She must look like her mother." Then she laughs. Ouch for Dad.

For the most part, she's very annoying and everything that I say or my Dad says, she turns into a song. It's actually kind of funny cause she snaps her fingers and tries to dance to the song that she made up. I especially like the song entitled, "Let's Go Water The Plants." But hopefully Dad doesn't say anything gross like "There's a Squirt In My Underwear". That probably won't be a #1 hit Tabitha. Anyway, she follows Dad around everywhere and is pretty possessive of him. If we weren't his daughters, she would probably be upset that we are spending time with him. I do think she annoys him sometimes, and the staff makes sure that he doesn't have to spend the entire day with her.

Because of the new lady friend, the staff was worried that the two of them would be 'up to no good' in his room, and since they can't be monitored every minute of the day, they locked Dad out of his room. In Dad's eyes, that meant that everything was stolen from him. As the Director of Memory Care said, "I didn't realize, but by locking his room, I am taking away the only part of this place that is his. I apologize, I will go unlock it right away." Ever since they unlocked the room, he's been back to his normal self.

I also brought him a little pouch of Canadian and Mexican coins that we found in his house. I know he likes to carry it around in his pocket and I think that keeps him happy and distracted.

The Scabies is gone! Finally. When Megan was at the check-up, the hyper Dermatologist came in the room and gave her a boisterous high-five. This doctor is so crazy and he reminds me of our Pastor growing up because they both get very energetic over little things. Then the dermatologist actually scared Megan by whispering in her ear when she was leaving, "I hope my daughter is like you some day." Apparently his kids are going to be our age when he is 70.