Thursday, November 8, 2012

Long Beach Walk to End Alzheimer's

As many of you know, I was Co-Chair for the 2012 Long Beach Walk to End Alzheimer's and the fabulous news is.... the walk was a success!

Last year's goal was to raise $100,000 and we met it....
This year's goal was to raise $120,000 and we are currently at $127,000 and counting!

As a team, our goal was to raise $5000.  Ten days before the walk, we were at $3900 and we made one more push - emailed friends, family, co-workers- and as of today, we raised (drum roll please).... $5865!!  (And my neighbor will try to get his employer (Exxon Mobil) to match his donation and so our total should be just over $6000!)  AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I just want to extend a HUGE Thank you to everyone who pitched in and supported us!  I also want to thank everyone who walked with us... we had people come from San Diego to San Fransisco join us on the walk!  We are very blessed.

During my time as Co-Chair, I was able to meet many wonderful people associated with The Southland Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association and they invited to come speak at their All-Staff meeting earlier this week.  At the end of their meetings, they like to inspire the staff with a personal story.  I was extremely excited and honored to share our story two days ago at the Los Angeles Office.  I spoke about my Dad, the financial toll it's taken on our family, and even read some excerpts from my past blogs. 

When I was writing my speech, I researched what the Association and our country have accomplished toward the fight against Alzheimer's.  I would like to share a few of these accomplishments:
First of all, almost right away, President Obama lifted the (Bush) ban on federal resources going towards Stem Cell Research.  Next, with the urging of the Alzheimer's Assoc., he signed the National Alzheimer's Project Act, and lastly he is pushing for $156 Million increase in funding over the next two years to battle the disease (this amount of money is nothing compared to the debilitating cost our country will face in the future as more and more people are diagnosed with the disease).  These are STUNNING accomplishments in only the last couple years.  So, needless to say, I am happy about the outcome of this election, and I am hopeful for a future without Alzheimer's.

My Audience at the Alzheimer's Association:

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Happy Birthday Dad.  Today you are 73 years old.  In the past year you became a Grandpa but you also had many mishaps and challenges as your Alzheimer's disease is battling to take over.  We miss you so much.

We've resigned ourselves to the fact that you have succumbed to Alzheimer's and most days are just business as usual.  But, I always find myself grieving on November 4th.  Because it's your day, Dad.  And it's okay to grieve once in a while.  

So, today Megan and I both shed a tear for you.  We love you and miss you.