Thursday, June 24, 2010

Was it a bad dream?

Was last week a bad dream? It's like it never happened. All the bad stuff that Dad was going through last week is a distant memory. He is having a great week. I think it's because Dad doesn't have a roommate anymore, but with this disease, sometimes there's just no reason for any of it. When we visit him, he's happy and I don't get any calls about him being anxious or trying to jump the fence. So, since Dad is having a great week, that means that Megan and I get to have a great week too! Gosh, it feels soooo good.

Seriously, the Dad I see this week is healthier, younger, funnier, and more helpful. I didn't have to tell him how to do anything. He helped me push the cart at Target and knew how to put the cart back in one of those cart corrals in the parking lot. I made him a new mixed CD with oldies songs from the 50s and 60s and he knew them all before the lyrics even started! We sang along to "Wake-up Little Susie", "Tell Him", "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", "Bye, Bye, Love" "Big Girls Don't Cry". This brought me back to my past because I have memories of Megan and I dancing around to "Wake-up Little Susie" in the living room and I sang "Yakety Yak" in the 3rd grade talent show. He introduced us to all those songs, so they have a special place in my heart.

ALSO, Dad has a new lady friend! He had a lady friend when he first moved into Whittier Place, but I think he found her too bossy, so that didn't last very long. When I went to visit him yesterday, he was sitting next to this lady and I heard him say, "I'll be right back." I'm thinking... who is he talking to? He never makes an effort to have friends at Whittier. Dad and I were going to get lunch and before we left, this lady comes over and holds his hand. Her name is Esther and she doesn't really talk... just giggles and smiles. Perfect for Dad!!!! That's probably why he likes her. Apparently they walk up and down the hallways holding hands.

I absolutely know that these good days won't last forever and that he will never get 'better', but there's no reason that I can't enjoy them to the fullest. I would give anything to have a million more days like this with Dad and I am so happy to be writing about them so that I can remember these days during the dark times that I know will come.


  1. Great post... would love to see your 3rd grade performance. :D


  2. 2nd grade was "It's My Party" and then 3rd grade was a combo of "It's My Party" with "Yakety Yak" sandwiched in the middle of it! Good times!