Sunday, June 20, 2010


DAD HAD A GREAT DAY TODAY!!!! HOORAY!!! And to top it off, today was Father's Day. He was in a wonderful mood. He was silly, and super sweet, and loving. Megan and I both went to visit him and even though we were only there for an hour, we had fun with him. I'm so happy! It really made my day.

ALSO, Dad's roommate, Chuck, is gone. We think he may have been moved to a nursing home. Dad really kind of hated his roommate and I think that may have played a part in his good mood today. He also alluded that Chuck may have come over and hit him and it's possible that there was some sort of confrontation which may have led to him being moved out of the place (I have no idea if this is really true but Dad kept talking about some guy coming over and hitting him). Poor Chuck was having a difficult time and is much more advanced in the disease than my Dad is. So, Dad is in a room all by himself for the time being and he seems really happy about it. I don't think he even noticed that his roommate moved out.

I was in such a dark place two days ago. I am so happy to be writing about a happy event and I feel like I should be apologizing for writing such dismal blogs lately. There's only so much that someone can take and I think I reached my limits a few days ago. At least I know what those limits are now. I am going to stay positive and wait for the next good day. That's really all you can do with this disease.
Below is a video of Dad and Megan. She's explaining that today is Father's Day. He's so cute and sweet.

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  1. Yay for the good day... and on such an important one!! :)