Friday, July 12, 2013

My Dad's Brain

I know how blessed and lucky we are that Dad was admitted into the West Los Angeles VA home.  But, I am reminded again today as I sit on the phone with his Doctor.  

Dad was taken to the ER yesterday because his behavior has become dangerous.  In the last few weeks, I have been receiving more calls about altercations with another resident or caregiver.... scratching or hitting or even falling down.  I witnessed it a bit earlier this week when I went to visit and he was running away from the caregivers who were trying to help him change.  When they got too close, he pushed one of them and lashed out at another (thankfully missing her).

Yesterday escalated even more as he began brandishing silverware.  They decided to take him to the ER.  His behavior and mood didn't improve over night, so that's when they decided to admit him for further evaluation.  

We are LUCKY and BLESSED because other homes are so quick to give up on my Dad.  He has been kicked out before and it was heart-wrenching.  I understand, because why would anyone want a resident who has violent outbursts that endanger other people.  But, since we're dealing with a Government Agency that cares for Veterans, every step and precaution is being taken to see that he gets the best care.  They aren't giving up on him.  And it's unlikely that he'll be kicked out.  Because then where would he go?

Alzheimer's is such a tricky disease.  The Doctor even said, "We actually know quite a bit about the disease, but every person is different, and the disease proves to be very unpredictable."  They also did a CT scan and everything looked normal EXCEPT for the very noticeable shrinkage of my Dad's brain. 

As I've mentioned before, has an amazing Brain Tour that shows the effects of Alzheimer's on the brain.  Click here to visit the tour.  Here is just a glimpse of what my Dad's brain probably looks like.  Pretty Shocking...

Our Poor Dad.  

For now, it looks like he spending the weekend in the hospital.  More updates to come...