Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A month in the life of Dad

Well, Dad continues to do well, and we continue to have more of our life back, while still enjoying those visits with Dad. Just some updates in Dad's world:

-His roommate is on Hospice. Whittier Place called to ask me if we wanted the roommate to move or if we were comfortable with him staying with Dad. We figured things were fine the way they were, and Dad really likes his roommate. One of the care-givers even told us that if Dad sees his roommate sleeping, he'll even go up to him and cover him up with a blanket. So sweet.

-The Director of Memory Care, Lourdes, is leaving Whittier Place. While we are very sad to see her go, she is moving up and will be in an executive position at another Alzheimer's home in Costa Mesa. It was so obvious how much love and passion she has for her job, and we couldn't have gotten through those first 6-8 months without her. I had more of a relationship with her than I did my Dad... that's how much we talked. She had great instincts about Dad and was always offering her help. Thank you Lourdes. You will be missed at Whittier Place.

-I attended a 'Family Meeting' the other day at Whittier Place, and every family member seemed to know who Dad was. "We love Dave!" "You're Dave's daughter?" "He's so sweet and funny." Hahaha. Made me smile.

-We've been dealing with Dad's prescriptions again... the transfer over from his old VA in Loma Linda to Long Beach really was pretty easy except the Prescriptions! I think we finally got it sorted out, but Whittier place was giving him the wrong dosage of Galantamine (which is the generic for Aricept - The Alzheimer's Pill). Loma Linda had prescribed 2 a day, and Long Beach had prescribed 1 a day... anyway... I think it's all sorted out now. At least I hope so.

-Last but not least.... Dad will be the King of the Mardi Gras party next Wednesday. He was the one who got the plastic baby in his piece of cake, so it's a pretty big deal. Everyone stops me in the hallway and keeps telling me, "Do you know your Dad is the King of Mardi Gras?" Megan and I are going to try to be there next Wednesday to get some good pictures and videos!

So, look for a Mardi Gras blog next week! It should be a fun one!

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  1. Sounds like things are going well for you and Megan and your dad. So glad to hear it. God bless.