Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arrrrr, Matey!!!

How much do I love my Dad? Well, I went to Party City to find him a costume two days before Halloween. If you know what Party City is like before Halloween, then you know how much I love my Dad. That place was insane.

I ended up getting him some Pirate accessories and Blake had a red shirt for him. Whittier place was putting on a murder mystery with live entertainment and cookies and treats! The place was decorated with Spider Webs, Flying Ghosts, Blacked out Windows, Strobe Lights, Music and we ended up dancing to "The Monster Mash", "Purple People Eater", "Old Devil Moon", and "The Addams Family".
We had a blast singing and dancing to all the songs. As you can see from the pictures, he had a pirate hook in his hand and his favorite joke of the day was, "I'm a hooker!" Hahahaha. Good old Dad.

Afterwards, Dad was getting grumpy and anxious about his living situation-- the usual complaints and then the conversation turned to Paula and he asked, "Do you know Paula?"

"Yes, Dad, she's my Mom." He's so worried that she is out there looking for him. Telling him that she's out of town doesn't really work either. The day turned from delightful to annoying in 5 minutes time. I did what I could to pacify him and then got out of there before he got more anxious.

Below is a video of Dad dancing to the "Monster Mash". Right at the end of the video, Dad's girlfriend Tabitha comes over to start dancing with him....

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