Monday, September 20, 2010

A Few Boxes of Memories

We're done with Dad's mobile home. My Mom, Blake, and I finished cleaning it out yesterday. Moving the Sego Palms practically threw out Blake's back, so while he lay on the ground with the heating pad, we sorted through the rest of Dad's clothes and piled everything into the truck.

The new owner is moving in later this week and we can close the chapter on this part of Dad's life. It's a little sad. Anything important that he owned can pretty much be condensed to a few boxes. I still feel sad that I don't know more about Dad's life. I've found more newspaper clippings and cards/invitations. It looks like he joined The Air Force
straight out of high school (found his complete and official file with every order given while he was in the Air Force) and then got married at age 19. A few years later, my half brother and sister were born. I'm kind of putting the pieces together. :)

I also found my Dad's baby book and under 'remarks' his Mom wrote, "He wasn't very pretty at first but later on he got so good lookin that we realized we had a real good and pretty baby boy." Hahaha. His baby hair is still taped to the book from his first hair cut. It's a blond/brown... kind of like Megan's when she was little.

Then I found a bunch of pictures with nothing written on the back. Not sure if anyone can tell me who the people are in the pictures. It could be my Grandparents or Great-Grandparents, but not sure. Don't know if I'll ever know.

Nervous to go see Dad this week. Don't know what his mood will be.

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  1. Ooops, originally I put that Dad was in the Navy, but he was actually in the Air Force! I edited it.