Saturday, August 7, 2010


So the dermatologist thinks Dad has scabies, EVEN THOUGH, Dad has already done the treatment for it, and no one else has gotten it (it's pretty contagious), and the health dept said that it wasn't Scabies. He even did a skin scraping and looked at it under the microscope and didn't see anything. Regardless, the dermatologist said he had to follow his gut feeling... Scabies. I believe him, I guess. We have another appointment in two weeks so if the rash is still there he'll have to try something different.

He prescribed an oral medication because he said that the creams aren't strong enough and that's probably why it didn't work the first time. They also gave Dad a shot in the butt to help the swelling and itch. He also said he's seen cases where a married couple can sleep in the same bed every night and only one person will have Scabies. And just because they scraped the skin, doesn't mean a bug got picked up in that specific scrape, so it's possible that they wouldn't see anything under the microscope.

Whittier Place had called me that morning to say that Dad hadn't been sleeping really at all. (No wonder he'd been falling asleep in the middle of the day lately.) The other day I was driving Dad somewhere and when the light turned green and I stepped on the gas, Dad gasped so loud. Apparently he had fallen asleep and then was scared when we suddenly started moving again. The Derm suggested that the itch could be keeping him up at night, and he also prescribed a prescription strength Benadryl that should help.

Below are two of the CUTEST videos of Dad EVER... singing Ray Charles' "Georgia" and "I Got A Woman".... while waiting for the Dermatologist...

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