Friday, September 28, 2012

Now we wait...

Today we moved my Dad. 

Since we still hadn't heard from the VA Facility in Los Angeles, we had to make a decision.  Valley View Gardens gave my Dad a BIG discounted rate the entire year and two months that he lived there.  They could not go any lower and Dad's money ran out. 

We found a more affordable option in an 'okay' neighborhood in Long Beach.  The monthly rate is actually $300 less than his monthly income, so at this point, if the Los Angeles VA home doesn't work out, Dad could actually stay at this place forever.  It's not the Ritz, but the hallways are wide, the walls are all freshly painted, there is plenty of outdoor space... and for the moment, Dad has his own room.  It's called Bellagio Manor.  (we joked because if someone wants to know where my Dad lives, we could say in an impressive tone , "Oh,  he lives at The Bellagio.")  Haha.

The move went off without a hitch.  But that doesn't mean that I didn't have a pit in my stomach all day which ultimately left me exhausted both physically and emotionally.  This is Dad's third home in 2 1/2 years and we are still hoping for one more move whenever the VA home opens.  We all know that the adjustment period of a move is a long and challenging one.  After the last move there was a two week calm before the storm, and then things got a little crazy.  So, now we wait...

click below to see the website for Bellagio
Bellagio Manor

Here is a picture of some of the caregivers at Valley View saying Goodbye to my Dad...

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