Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On top of everything else...

On top of everything that I just posted about Dad's aggressive behavior, I did hear back from the West Los Angeles VA home about a possible move-in date.  The facility did not pass the government survey, but has since made the corrections that needed to be made.  Apparently they are hoping to get the okay this week.  I have no idea when move-ins would start, but I found out that Dad is #13 on the list.  Here's the catch -- they are only going to take 1-2 residents per week at first so that everyone can adjust properly.  That means Dad wouldn't move in for at least 6 weeks from when they start moving people in... and we don't even know when that will be.

So let me sum up all the aspects of my Dad's life that stresses me out.  No Money.  No move-in date.  Aggressive Behavior.  Dad is jeopardizing the only good thing that he has right now: Valley View Gardens -- who have been more than accommodating with his budget and behavior.

Mom and I are going over there shortly to talk to them.

A Friend of mine also sent me a link to an article about Veteran's homes sitting empty... like the one my Dad is supposed to move into.  Click Below.
Veterans Homes

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