Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Already June?

Here we are... it's June and Dad is still living at Valley View Gardens.  Remember when we thought he would be moving out around February or March?  Sick joke.  We got through the obstacle of getting him accepted into the West Los Angeles VA Memory Care Facility, but now it's a waiting game.  All I know is that his money will get him through the end of July at his current home, so I REALLY hope he gets to move before August.  I'm hoping to get some more information this week.

Quick update on Dad's health/TB test:  Last blog I wrote that he tested positive for TB and I was worried how this would affect his admittance into the new home.  Well, his x-rays showed no trace of Tuberculosis (like we thought) and we had the doctor sign a letter to the VA explaining his results.  I felt confident that would do the trick.  Also, Dad's crazy staff infection on his wrist is mostly healed.  I'm glad we were diligent with treatment and I'm glad it's gone.

It's been very quiet on the "Dad" front lately and I've barely been over to visit him since we had the TB test done.  Happy that things have calmed down a bit.

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