Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We have some movement in Dad's ongoing future housing/financial prospects.  As I reported a couple of months ago, we had completed his application to a Veterans Association facility for Alzheimer's Patients and were waiting for the next step.  That next step is today.  The Assessment.

Dad's appointment is at 12:15 today at the new facility and will start with a tour and then end with an assessment by 3-4 different people.  We're all a little worried.  If you count from when we pick him up at Valley View Gardens to when we drop him off... this is shaping up to be a 6 hour excursion for my Dad.  (A 2 hour excursion is pushing it for someone at my Dad's level.)

The biggest worry is that the letter we received in the mail states "The assessment portion will begin at 1:00... and should be completed by 3:15.... The assessment includes sharing information with a physician, registered nurse, and social worker individually." And apparently I'm not allowed in the room with him.  Um, Hello?  What kind of answers or conversation do they think they will get from an Alzheimer's patient?  And two hours?  It's difficult to keep his attention for 10 minutes.  And I'm also worried about his mood or if he will be scared to go into a room with a bunch of strangers.  There are so many unpredictable factors that make us uneasy.

So, the truth of the situation:  this is our last hope.  It has to work.  Dad's money runs out soon, and this is the only place that will work with him financially and give him a decent place to live.  There are no other choices.  This is it.

Cross your fingers for us today.  

On a personal note... Dad's Grand-daughter was born on March 10th.  Emry Phebe Hardin is beautiful and healthy and will get to meet her Grandpa today!  It's also my husband's 30th Birthday today!  We have a lot to celebrate.  Hopefully that will continue to be true after Dad's assessment.


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL! What a blessing. Praying it works out for your Dad.

  2. Beautiful little girl...warm wishes to you and hope that Dad's appointment goes well.

  3. I wish you the best of luck with your Dad's assessment.
    Also congratulations on your gorgeous baby daughter.