Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life Goes on....

Although I would say this was a busy summer with Dad... figuring out his financial situation, moving him, dealing with a broken nose... our family has been even busier with all sorts of changes and events. I'm not sure how we balanced it all, but I have to say, that's what family is for because we all made it happen. Here's a glance into what really went on this summer....

The first two events sort of happened on the same day in June. Blake and I found out that we were expecting a baby!!! And we also found out that our offer on a house was accepted and we started a 30 day escrow three days later. Wow! And a 30 day escrow is no joke these days... it's a rush to get everything done in time, but we managed.

A few weeks later, out of the blue, Megan's live-in boyfriend decided he wanted something different in life (we still have no idea what that is...), and so the entire family watched as a devastated Megan began coping with not only a break-up but a big decision about where she wanted to live. There were a lot of tears this summer. Dad didn't seem too upset for her, but instead asked her to marry him about 30 times during one of her visits. :/

So, we had three big family moves all within weeks of each other -- And we all helped each other. As we all know, moving is such a chore, and family even came over from Arizona to help with Megan's move. We were very grateful especially since 1st trimester pregnancy fatigue was beginning to set in and I wasn't much help. Megan moved in with us and began contemplating whether or not she would move to San Francisco for a few months where two of her best friends live.

I had very conflicting feelings about her decision as well, since I am pregnant, and Dad seemed to really need us this summer.... but ultimately, she needs to live her life. In my opinion, she shouldn't be held back by Dad, and he wouldn't have wanted that. I only had one break down about the whole situation when Dad didn't appear to be adjusting well to his move, but he seems fine now, and I'm hoping he continues to be "easy" for the next few months until we move him again to the VA facility in LA. I think I was most sad about losing my best friend and sister. But, it's only an hour plane ride away.

Megan left three days ago for San Francisco and we are all very excited about her new adventure. We want her to be happy!!!! When she told Dad she was leaving for a while, he made a pouty face. I think he likes blonds because he doesn't know we're his daughters anymore, and he really fancies Megan. It's pretty funny. I'm pretty much chopped liver when she's sitting next to him. Hahaha.

I've heard many people use the phrase, "Family comes first", but Family really does come first in our lives and we wouldn't have it any other way. We would all do anything for each other and we did that this summer.

I'm hoping for a much quieter Autumn....


  1. I LOVE your blog Kristen and always look forward to a new post. You girls are amazing and your dad is so very blessed to have you and Megan! Best wishes for a lovely Autumn.

    Julie Hardesty

  2. Not only are the flights only an hour, but you can fly round-trip on Virgin America for $100 total! Ok, now that I'm finished being a salesperson, congrats on the soon-to-be baby, and best wishes in this transitional time. It's really crummy what happened to your sis, but he showed his true colors, and at least she now knows what kind of person he was. Better now than down the road... She can go spread her wings in SF :) I know it's hard with your dad and his situation, but he would want you both to live your lives, whatever that entails (babies and new houses and moving away, etc. ) and I know it's hard sometimes because you end up feeling a little bit selfish, but he would want that for you both. Hope the rest of summer goes smoothly!

  3. Kristen, you are such an amazing writer and you and your sister are such an inspiration! Team ONEHOPE is wishing for nothing but the best and happiness for her in SF and I can't wait to hear how everything is going!

    I always look forward to your posts... they're a quiet reminder to push through the tough times and remain strong and ready to take on whatever life throws your way. I'm truly inspired by yours and Megan's strength and humor :o)

    Congrats on the baby news and best wishes in your big move!


  4. Kristin,
    I cried happy tears and sad tears while reading your post. But mostly happy tears because of your positive attitude and amazing strength. Your strength and your family's strength is truly an inspiration! I'm proud of how amazing you are doing at "hanging in there!" I hope that Autum is quieter for you too! Take care!
    P.S. Congratulations on your soon-to- arrive little bundle of joy!! :) Oh! And GO DODGERS!

  5. Kristin,

    I accepted a new job recently with Sharp Healthcare in San Diego. Although I am a per diem therapist I have a steady gig with our "Senior Intensive Outpatient" program. We have many diagnoses that we serve: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Along with different types of dementia of varying in degree in some of the patients. It has been quite the learning curve for myself, but after a particularly rough day with an older gentleman with Alzheimer's... I thought of you. Your blog reminds me of the very human "other side" to dementia when at times I have my clinical hat on too long.

    Congratulations on the pregnancy and good luck with all of the changes!

    P.S. The tiredness will pass and more exciting strange pregnancy symptoms will occur! :-)

  6. I appreciate your blog! Congrats on the pregnancy. :) Love all the pictures you post.