Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Fun Outing!

I would have to say that Dad is having a nice February so far! The great weather in Southern California is allowing him to still spend time out in the garden, and it also allowed us to take Dad to the beach.

About two weeks ago, Megan and I decided that we would take Dad to the beach since he is always talking about it. We kept putting it off because with the driving time of picking Dad up from Whittier, taking him to the beach, and taking him back to Whittier, we knew it would almost be a full-day excursion. Splitting the driving duties helped, and I arrived at Whittier with the good news that Dad was going to get to see the Ocean! He was so happy and some of the other residents told me they wanted to go as well. One lady actually started to follow us, but I told her that unfortunately there was no room in my car for another person... that little white lie seemed to work.

Even though I told him numerous times where we were going, Dad was surprised when we pulled up to Megan's house. He got to pet all her cats and her dog, Izzy, and then we all sat and had a few slices of leftover pizza before heading over the Redondo Beach Pier. I should mention too that Dad got a piece of apple stuck in his teeth, and so Megan attacked it with vigor, finally grabbing a pair of tweezers to pull out the long piece of apple. I wish I had a picture of that.

Down at the beach we walked around, looked at the seafood market, checked out the fishermen on the end of the pier, and Dad made sure to check out EVERY female who walked by. Some things never change.

Megan and I had decided that we would treat Dad to a beer. I know I've talked a lot about his alcoholism, but honestly at this point one beer isn't going to hurt him and we just want him to enjoy life. So, like I said, this was a treat for him. We sat in an empty Bar overlooking the fishing boats while Dad drank his beer (which turned out be in a very big mug). He got a little silly and kept bobbing his head to the club-type music that was playing in the background... it was cracking me up. I kept trying to get a video of him grooving to the music, but it didn't come out. I did get a video of him with his beer though... (below)

After the beach, Megan took him back to Whittier and when he walked in the door he announced in a cheery voice, "I'm Home!" I think there is a level of comfort associated with Whittier Place.

On a side note... the VA did pay a portion of Dad's Ambulance Bill, so it looks like we're all done with that! It was the last one associated with that hospital trip back in April. Woo Hoo!

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