Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's been a while since we've had a naked episode.... so just thought I would share my latest one.

Visiting Dad the other day was wonderful (despite the nakedness). 10 days had gone by since the last time we saw him. Miraculously, we only got one phone call from Whittier when we were on our trip. He also got a new roommate which didn't seem to ruffle his feathers either. It's so strange how easy going he is at the moment considering the past two months were riddled with annoyance and frustration on everyone's part.

I found Dad sitting next to his girlfriend Tabitha and finishing up lunch. Their banter is something out of "I Love Lucy" and I just can't help but laugh. Slap-stick at times. Tabitha was telling us how she knew Elvis back in the day and that he was such a brat. My first instinct would be to think that she is lying, but I can never tell with her because so many things that come out of her mouth are true and actually make sense. She is really musical, so it's possible she jammed with him back in the day in Memphis.

Normal conversation. That was the theme of our visit. Dad and I chatted like nothing was wrong. Like he didn't have Alzheimer's. His concentration and attention to detail that day was pretty astounding considering you can usually have a conversation right in front of him and he won't pick up any of it. One thing he was fixated on was taking a shower. I kept telling him that he didn't need a shower in the middle of the day. Then he insisted on changing his underwear because they felt weird. It's a big pain to get his shoes off, so I didn't want to do it, but it turns out that the underwear he was wearing were about 4 sizes too big for him and were hanging halfway down to his knees. Makes sense why it felt so weird. I don't even want to ask the question that you are all thinking. Who's underwear is it? Let's just let that one go for now.

I left him for a couple of minutes while he was getting dressed to go find toe-nail clippers and when I came back he was standing in the shower in his underwear holding the detachable shower head with the cold water running. Okay, Dad. If you really need to shower then lets just get it over with.

Since he was having such a great day, all I had to do was point and shoot the water at him while he scrubbed. So, it wasn't that bad, but seeing my Dad naked wasn't number one on my list for the day. I think I'm kind of getting used to it actually. It's good to see him in that state every now and then so I can make sure he doesn't have any more rashes or bruises or anything.

His feet are another story. They're gross. The nails are all yellow and have started looking gnarled. Thankfully the podiatrist is coming by this week, so we're paying the $25 for his feet to be looked at. (Hopefully the nails will get clipped too, because they were getting freakishly long. Shouldn't his care givers be taking care of that?)

Doctor's Appointment this Friday to get some prescriptions renewed. Hopefully it goes well.

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